The SHINUI Institute was initiated by Dr. Noga (Rubinstein) Nabarro
and co-founded in 1985 with Dr. Haviva Ayal and Dr. Sara Ivanir. The Hebrew word SHINUI, meaning ‘Change’, was chosen to connote our general orientation towards development and transformation.

SHINUI, the largest private institute of Systemically Oriented Therapy and Training in Israel today, has from the outset been dedicated to enhancing professional knowledge and developing innovative practice methods of therapy, training and consulting from the systemic and developmental perspectives. Our highly trained and actively involved faculty, clinical and consulting staff, together with our international guest faculty, have not only enabled us to achieve our objectives, but have turned our mission into a pleasurable and exciting experience.

AcupunctureThrough the years the Institute has assumed a major role in spreading quality Family Therapy and Systemic thinking and practice throughout Israel. We welcome guest lecturers from different orientations and appreciate the opportunity to continuously expand our professional horizons.

Our work is based on the conviction that the person and the systems in which he or she functions and participates contain the essential resources required for healing past and present afflictions, enabling a more complete, creative, satisfied and empowered person who contributes to society. The role of the therapist is to aid the individual and the social system of which he forms a part in the realization and utilization of these resources for the sake of more fulfilling present and future.

We also continue to integrate modern technology and techniques into our work. Recent work with E-Cigarettes have been a part of our focus and looking at how products like Vapor Couture can be used in therapeutic sessions, particularly for patients who need treatment for addiction.